Cohesion Counselling Professional Counselling and Therapy
South London

Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

What Benefits can be Expected?

Cohesion is a word that describes the coming together and working together of parts to form a whole. At times in life we can feel fragmented or lost, or not quite knowing how to manage ourselves in this moment, counselling is about facilitating you to uncovering or developing tools you need to manage yourself right now.
The benefit of counselling is to understand yourself, address thoughts, feelings and behaviours that have become intrusive or unhelpful for you and to do this in a safe, supportive and empathic environment.

I have never done this before. Can I really change from just talking?

Counselling offers time with a professional, someone who has trained like myself to listen, hear and support you through a distressing time or maybe work with you to aid in resolution if possible. An independent and non-judgemental person to discuss things that you have trouble talking to others about, or can't seem to move forward even when you do talk to friends or loved ones. Understanding that counselling is more than talking, it is you recognising that something with your emotional/mental/psychological self needs support and gaining that support from someone who is trained to do so.

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